Architect Indrajit Kembahvi
‘Going Green ‘basically refers to the concept aimed at promoting environment protection, water conservation, energy efficiency, use of recycled products and renewable energy. The buildings that shape our environment are the structures that we live, work, and play in that protect us from cold, heat, wind rain and snow. The ecosystem in the neighbourhood is affected by the place and method of construction simultaneously creating new indoor environments that give birth to new environmental problems and challenges. Environmentally friendly technologies are adopted and practiced in the building sector thereby contributing to the conservation of national resources, besides saving on the operating costs.

At Kembhavi Architecture Foundation, we offer specialized services in architecture, interior design, project management and also build green habitats. In fact, we have initiated the creation of Kembhavi GREEN BUILDING RESEARCH CENTRE (KGBRC), where alternate building practices, systems, energy saving and eco sensitive applications and research are all geared towards structures where comfort and functionality are not mutually exclusive. This centre is conceived as a research as well as a service providing organization as per Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards of the USGBC (United States Green Building Council).


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