The IGP’s Office at Gulbarga reflecting the rich culture of the bygone era, yet contemporary in design The IGP’s office is a prominent public landmark in the city dotted by the monuments left behind through a long historic pathway which entails a deep rooted study to arrive at an appropriate model. It’s an edifice with a poise reflecting the rich culture of the bygone era & yet contemporary standing on, equipped and ready as a lean efficient machine to take on the vagaries of the contemporary world. Thus approximately the design for such a project involves an insight into Gulbarga its imagery, heritage, climate & its resources.
This building is a ground and two-storeyed structure designed to house the offices of the Inspector General of Police, Gulbarga. The building is constructed using innovative materials. The building is roughly rectangular with the longer axis along the north-south direction. Most windows face east or west. As the building is located in a hot and dry climate, evaporative cooling has been used for providing comfort.
Pseudo triangular pillars enhance the passive architectural beauty of the building


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