Apart from an office, meeting rooms and an auditorium, this project also houses a ‘Permanent Technology Centre’. This is a large exhibition space, which acts as an ‘incubation centre’ for new initiatives in green technologies.

An information center is also part of the project, so as to create greater awareness about Green Buildings and Technologies.

As a response to the diverse needs of the brief, the architecture of the building has evolved, around a series of concerns that are brought together to demonstrate the importance of Green Buildings.

As in most architectural projects, it responds to the clients’ brief, and the nature of activities. It responds to the site and its conditions. It looks at tradition, as well as an expression of contemporary times.

But what is important is that it goes beyond these, to incorporate a new set of factors, which are not only important, but also highly relevant in today’s construction industry.

By responding to various criteria of energy-efficiency and eco-friendliness, this project aims to evolve the ‘aesthetics of energy’.

One looks beyond the content of the project to its ‘working’ the building is designed as an organism, just beautiful and relevant, but highly efficient. Efficient, not just in its working but also in its manner of construction. The embodied energy of all materials used, is as important a factor, as is the form they take up in the building.

Here, one sees an evolution of the ‘aesthetics of energy’.In terms of organization, the activities are all organized around a circular central courtyard, with a series of small courtyards, punctuating the building.


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