Water efficient Plumbing : Need of the Hour Emerging Changes in Plumbing Scenario

Mr. Avinash R. Laddha
Managing Director - KiTEC Industries (India)Ltd.


  • Essential to life
  • Everything in life – Food, Energy, Transportation, Nature, Leisure, Identity, Culture, Social norms – virtually for all the products used on daily basis
  • Population growth, economic development, acceleration in demand for everything is making fresh water scarcer.
  • Access to fresh water is local issue – You cannot save water in one part of the world and use the same in other part of the world.
  • Many parts of the world has severe shortages of potable water – a major challenge before the plumbing industry
  • Free availability of water is a major hurdle for valuing water
  • A study revealed that cooking in Asian restaurants could collectively save millions of dollars


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