RareEarth conceptualized the project integrating sustainability and green technologies. The concept and the design revolves around the fundamental Hindu motif, the Swasiik symbolizing `well being’, with the four blocks in the four quadrants symbolizing four basic elements: earth, water, fire and air. Each of these four blocks of the swastika contain one function pertaining to the Paatashala and also linked to one basic element. The central vertex consist of the main meditation hall, a pyramid in shape, to harness the maximum energy possible. These four blocks are Sama Veda, Rig Veda, Athura Veda and Yajur Veda.

Each of these blocks are constructed using energy-efficient building materials designed to resonate with Vedic chants and sutras. The endeavor was to diminish the use of conventional construction materials and use natural materials. However, the centre is technologically advanced in terms of water usage and power management, etc.

Natural and green sensitive building materials are being used, which age well and require less maintenance. The centre has made efficient use of space, light and ventilation and will be self-sufficient in terms of power and water usage by tapping Solar Energy, a clean source of energy. The energy needs of the campus were studied (Lifecycle and Usage pattern Analysis) according to the location of the project, placement of the buildings and their power requirements.
Once the basic concept and design was complete, the challenge was to integrate sustainable elements into the design. Each aspect relating to Building materials, Power, Water, Waste, etc. was studied in detail before integration into the design.


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