About the Green Tree Foundation

Aims and Objects

  • To educate stake holders of Green Building design and constructions, by creating awareness through publication of updated and relevant information on the subjects.
  • To provide platforms for exchange of ideas and discussions on best practices that will benefit the stake holders of the Green Building movement.
  • To facilitate interaction amongst stakeholders of the Green Buildings movement

Convenor: Mr. Ramesh Iyengar

Ramesh is an ideas person and has used this capability extensively in complex areas such as changing attitudes and perceptions during his long stint in Advertising . Later he played a pioneering role in setting up the Direct Marketing Communication Industry in India , starting two decades ago, and earned International acclaim at fora such as Cannes.

He is credited with conceiving LOCATOR the first Gold Award for Media Invention which went on to become a industry leading vehicle for spreading awareness of Building products and services over the past 16 years.

During this period, Ramesh has been frequently researching the needs gaps in the Building Industry and has identified an important role for education and thought leadership to accelerate The Green Building movement.

He is the spirit behind The Green Tree Foundation. Ramesh can be contacted at ramesh@thegreenebook.in

Chairperson: Mrs. Ameeta Iyengar

Ameeta has spent a little under a third of her life, since 1995, for the cause of upgrading knowledge and best practices amongst the Building community, through the publication of LOCATOR, which remains India’s only Product Finder of its kind for the industry.

She has extended these activities from practicing professionals and developers, to students by creating outreach programs for manufacturers, amongst students of Architecture - the future of the Building Industry. Vocational Training programs are held at 5 Premier Architectural Colleges, in Mumbai.

Ameeta, with indepth knowledge of this Industry, has now dedicated her time to the cause of education amongst all stake holders of The Green Building, movement, so as to accelerate the progress eminently achieved so far by industry bodies, government and practicing professionals.

Ameeta is the primary Driver of the Foundation. She can be contacted at ameeta@thegreenebook.in

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