Energy Conservation using Superheat Recovery and Heat Pumps

By Dr. M. V. Rane, Professor and Energy Technology Consultant, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay

Judicious application engineering along with the use of superheat recovery heat exchangers and heat pumps can help in co-generating various utilities like air conditioning, refrigeration, hot water, chilled potable water, dehumidifying and drying. This can reduce initial and operating cost of these utility generators. This article presents some such case studies for co-and tri-generating various cold and hot utilities using innovative designs of Tube-Tube Heat Exchangers and Multi-Utility Heat Pumps developed at Heat Pump Laboratory in IIT Bombay (HPL-IITB).

Globalization and rising standards of living is increasing the demand for refrigeration and air conditioning. Generation of heating, refrigerating and air conditioning utilities typically account for 40 to 70% of the electrical power consumed in various domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Meeting the peak demand of electricity with limited generation and transmission infrastructure has been a challenge. Increasing energy costs concern for the environment and fast depleting conventional sources of fuel are forcing us to review conventional practices and develop sustainable and greener ways of meeting our requirements.


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