Green Boulevard, Noida

Architect Vidur Bharadwaj
Green Boulevard with a built-up area of approximately a million sqft. located at Noida is the most environment friendly Core & Shell project in India. It is in Sector 62 at Noida which is marked as Electronic City and has finest Campuses of large IT Companies like CSC, Nucleus Software, Patni Computers, HCL etc. as neighbors.

The Building is a multi-tenanted warm shell and ready to receive fit out from the potential tenants. It is based around the concept of creating a congenial Campus like environment, where every tenant can share common areas, facilities and still retain their privacy. The three towers of this Development are staggered horizontally and vertically, giving each one visibility from the road as well as ensuring harnessing of day light without shadowing each other.

The stilted public realms on the lower floors consist of an Amphitheatre, Gymnasium, Cafeteria and shops, helping to form an area of common interests. The shaded stilted landscape areas provide easy visual & physical connectivity within the campus help to create an interactive environment. All floors above the ground level are rented out to the tenants.

The nature’s walk is created across the campus amalgamating ground and lower ground with the intent of making people walk every day through this landscape before entering their workplace.


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