Paryavaran Santulit Samrudh Gram Yojna ( Eco village )

Hon. Shri Jayant Patil
Minister for Rural Dvelopment, Govt. of Maharashtra

The development processes world over are facing challenges emerging from changing climatic conditions and global warming. Paradigm change in the perspective for planning and facilitating the development processes is necessary to effectively deal with these emerging challenges. In the new paradigm, on one hand, the development processes need to be environmentally responsible and well informed about the global challenges and on the other hand should respond to the development needs and rights of the various communities especially of the marginalized rural communities at the local level. It is also necessary to mainstream this approach without restricting it to specific stand alone interventions under development schemes.

The government of Maharashtra has decided to adopt this approach for facilitating sustainable village development.

The effectiveness of the new approach cannot be achieved without community involvement as it is not just related to implementation of a scheme but institutionalizing it in the development process at individual, family and community level.

Considering all these issues, the government of Maharashtra has launched the Eco Village program to celebrate golden jubilee year of the state on 2nd October 2010.


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