The podium, bisected by the Public Galleria and clad in masonry to connect to the city's historic fabric, creates a sheltered route through the full city block. The towers converge at the building's north end to minimize north-facing surface area. To maximize solar and wind exposure, the towers splay open to the south, where they are clad in low-iron glazing to minimize the mass of the building in the urban context. The solar chimney is both essential to the passive ventilation strategy and for presenting the building as a new urban icon. The south-facing winter gardens feature 24-meter-tall waterfalls that humidify or dehumidify (depending on the season) incoming air and animate the space as kinetic sculpture.

Owner & Occupancy

  • Owned by Manitoba Hydro
  • Typically occupied by 2,150 people, 45 hours per person per week
Team & Process

Integrated design process

One year prior to the selection process, a delegation from Manitoba Hydro toured Europe to visit exemplars of energy-efficient design and architectural excellence.


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